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Senior Accountant (Capital & Technical)

M3 £39,880 – £42,821 per annum + £3,203 car benefit

Purpose of post
  • Provide the Council with a comprehensive technical and capital accounting service in accordance with corporate financial policy and practice and all pertinent legislation and financial regulations.

Principle responsibilities
  • Prepare sections of the Statement of Accounts in accordance with statutory and best practice requirements, ensuring the accounts are presented accurately and fairly in the best financial interests of the council

  • Co-ordinate and prepare the accounting elements of the Council’s capital programme working in conjunction with the Capital and Asset Management, Cost Centre Managers and Accountants to enable the Council to determine its capital expenditure priorities.

  • Monitor capital expenditure, indicators and the use of capital resources, advising the Head of Corporate Finance on the availability of resources and the effects of changing regulations and making recommendations for optimising the Council’s financial position.

  • Develop and maintain the financial asset register, ensuring that it is compliant with changing requirements.

  • Plan and direct the closure of the Council’s accounts in conjunction with the Chief Accountant by liaising with Cost Centre Managers and Accountancy staff throughout the Council.

  • Ensure that central statistical returns required by central government and the Audit Commission to assess Luton financially (including the Revenue Account (RA), Capital Estimates Return (CER), Revenue & Capital Outturn (RO/COR), the Budget Return (BR1), the Capital Receipts returns, the Balance Sheet and Asset Charges return, and the Whole of Government Accounts return) are completed accurately and returned in accordance with deadlines.

  • Provide technical and capital accounting advice to the Luton accountancy community and to be the Council’s technical accounting liaison officer with the External Auditors particularly during the audit of the statement of accounts, resolving queries raised and technical issues as they arise.

  • Lead, manage, develop, inform and motivate employees within the group to ensure the efficient, cost effective and responsive provision of a technical accounting service to the Head of Corporate Finance and all sections of the Council.

Supervisory management

Day to day supervision of the work of 1 x Accountant and 1 x Assistant Accountant

Financial responsibilities
  • Influence over Council’s capital budget - £509 million 2009-2014 (£83 million 2009/10)

  • Financial co-ordination of fixed assets - £894 million (as at 31 March 2008)

  • Co-ordination of revenue effect of capital - £56 million (gross) budget 2009/10


This post plays a key part in monitoring and maximising the Council’s capital resources, and in planning future capital programmes. It involves the consolidation of the Council’s accounts, and accounting for technical matters. It therefore requires an Accountant with technical expertise and able to keep up to date with changing requirements resulting from changing legislation, and to assist in innovating and developing solutions to ensure that Luton’s accounting methods change in line with new requirements.

The post holder will be required to undertake a substantial part of the accounts closure process personally, complete the whole of government accounts return, and act as the main point of contact with the External Auditors throughout the accounts audit, resolving the issues raised and technical issues as they arise.  The post holder must be able to interpret complex and evolving legislation, liaise with other authorities, government officials and external advisors, and be able to improve and develop processes on an ongoing basis.

Physical effort

Commensurate with normal based office environment.

Working environment

Normal office environment

Person specification


Essential (E), Desirable (D)

Application Form (A), Interview (I), Test (T), Proof of Qualification (Q), Practical Exercise (P)


  • Demonstrable experience in a central finance team in local government or another public sector organisation. (E, A, I)

  • Experience of working with elected members or in a political environment. (D, A, I)

Skills / Abilities

  • Numerate and analytical with the ability to interpret, present or write complex financial reports. (E, A, I, P)

  • Able to prepare and present reports and presentations to non-experts in a clear and comprehensible manner. (E, A, I, P)

  • Extensive spreadsheet, word-processing and personal computer skills. (E, A, I)

  • Able to lead, motivate, enthuse, inform and develop others and have excellent interpersonal and communication skills. (E, A, I)

  • Able to manage using performance management techniques, problem solving and project management techniques & able to manage change and respond flexibly to situations.(E, A, I)

Equality issues

  • Demonstrable knowledge and understanding of equal opportunities and its integration into service delivery. (E, A, I)

Specialist knowledge

  • Able to demonstrate knowledge of the legislation and codes of practice affecting the accounting and financial management of the Council. (E, A, I, P)

Education and Training

  • CCAB Qualified Accountant - i.e. CIPFA, CIMA, ICA, ACCA and evidence of continuing personal development (E, A, I, Q)

Other requirements

  • Able to work outside normal office hours on an occasional basis to meet needs of service. (E, A, I)

We will consider any reasonable adjustments under the terms of the Equality Act (2010), to enable an applicant with a disability (as defined under the Act) to meet the requirements of the post.

The Job-holder will ensure that Luton Borough Council’s policies are reflected in all aspects of his/her work, in particular those relating to:


  • Equal Opportunities

  • Health and Safety

  • Data Protection Act (2018)