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Why do we exist?

The Solicitors’ Charity has been supporting solicitors in times of need or crisis since 1858. When times are hard, we provide financial assistance and access to emotional and practical support to help people take back control.

We aim to make a permanent impact and positive change to the lives of the people who ask us for help.

Our vision.

All solicitors are supported in times of need or crisis.

Our mission.

Support solicitors and their dependants with financial, practical and emotional aid in times of need or crisis.

Collaborate with our volunteers, partners and charities to ensure our beneficiaries can access the right support.

Engage with the profession, sharing our experiences to build awareness of the issues facing solicitors and gain funding for our mission.

Our values.

Non Judgemental.

  • We don’t judge you or your situation

  • We never ‘auto exclude’ anyone

  • We help people start a ‘clean slate’

  • We view each case on its individual merits

  • We are a conscience of the profession, not its critics


  • We help each other get things done

  • We are human. We take time to understand the person

  • We take time to understand life goals

  • We listen, research and stay abreast of new information relating to the profession 

  • We start by listening and work towards achievable goals


  • We offer confidential support

  • We guarantee indemnity when firms donate unclaimed balances

  • Our board includes solicitors who champion the interests of the profession

  • We are honest in our advice and transparent in the support provided


  • We partner with other organisations to provide achievable goals and services for beneficiaries

  • We work to find out current issues being experienced to best aid our beneficiaries

  • We don’t work on our own in a silo, we partner

  • We listen to the profession and respond to its needs


  • We take pride in our work

  • We work to high professional standards

  • We keep records of all our conversations

  • Our board includes solicitors from across the profession

  • We invest in industry-leading software and processes


  • We commit to stay ahead of best practice

  • We take time to engage with the profession

  • We share knowledge with each other and/or partners

  • We share information online to help our beneficiaries

Additional information.

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